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Toddler program DETAILS

Sky’s the Limit Montessori School’s Toddler classroom is a unique program designed specifically to inspire, guide, and nurture your child’s kinder spirit and their desire for natural exploration and learning. Our carefully and beautifully designed Montessori environment has child-size furniture that is tailored to guide this young age group of children and their ever-growing curious mind. It helps to focus, foster, and build their self-confidence, concentration skills and self-led independence, but most of all to continuously influence their spontaneous love for learning with deliberately designed activities that will challenge and develop your children’s natural movements, life skills, and stages in development such as:

  • Eye/hand coordination

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Sensorial exploration

  • Visual acuity

  • Expand vocabulary

  • Cognitive, social, and emotional development

  • Natural exploration of self and the environment in which they work and grow

In our Toddler Montessori classroom, the activities are set up on trays or natural baskets which are placed on child size shelves that are easily accessible to each child. Children are free to move around the environment and choose their own activities based on interest and readiness. When a child is interested in an activity the teacher guide presents (demonstrates) the work to the child. This demonstration shows the child how the activity is to be used. All Montessori activities/work have a natural control of error, this aide helps the child with their natural inquisitive need for exploration and the ability to precede through the activity without the continuous direction of the teacher guide.

Our Toddler Program follows a daily schedule that accommodates all the children’s daily needs such as: snacks/lunch, bath-rooming, free choice work time, gathering time, sleeping and outdoor recess.

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