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montessori Curriculum

Practical Life

Practical Life materials prepare the child with fundamentals that develop sense of order, fine/gross motor, concentration skills, and body/room awareness that are essential qualities children need to establish to develop a natural respect for their environment, peers and come to interpret internal gratification.


The Sensorial materials in a Montessori classroom help develop and heighten the child’s sensory perception to clarify, classify and help understand the world around them.


The Language materials nurtures a child’s ability for verbal vocabulary and communications skills, which nourishes the child’s soul for developing natural listening, reading and writing skills.


The Mathematic materials provides hands on learning concepts for a deep understanding of how numbers work by bridging the physical to the abstract.

cultural and geography

The Cultural materials in a Montessori classroom bring awareness and provide holistic understanding and inter connectedness of all life.

Zoology and Botany

The Zoology and Botany materials in a Montessori classroom immerse children in the study of classification, physiology, ecology and their structure through love, care and respect for animals and nature that surround and provide to them.


The Art materials of the Montessori classroom provide open ended, self expressive creativity to which the child finds internal joy through the process of creation, not the finished product.

outdoor classroom

Steps away from our traditional Montessori School, our community provides us with parks, pathways, and the natural wonders of the Quarry. As an extension to our classrooms, the Quarry exposes our students to a rich study of wild life, plants, and their natural sounds.

orff music program

The Orff Music guide provides a rich multisensory entry point for diverse learning by providing children with and improvising creative music program through the use of instruments, unity, speech, rhythm, movement, dance, singing and dramatic enactments.

yoga and mindfulness program

Our Yoga and Mindfulness Program guides children to be in the present moment by connecting their mind and body through imagery such as yoga/mindfulness cards and stories. This helps teach children how to move with their breath to self calm, understand and validate feelings and express gratitude.

"Play is the work of the child."
- Maria Montessori
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