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Preschool program DETAILS

Dr. Maria Montessori observed through her teachings that children go through various sensitive stages to which they are very receptive to learning specific skills. She understood the importance of aiding in the developing of the senses from birth to the age of six, as children naturally wish to use and perfect his or her senses. The materials and activities used by children in a Montessori classroom are purposely designed for the use of repetition and self-mastering of tasks and skills to help aid in their development, thus using and heightening their hearing, feeling, seeing and concentration skills.

Our classrooms are bright, warm and inviting. There are interesting learning areas that are filled with intriguing learning materials that are organized to meet each child’s individual needs. The environment is set up in 7 different learning areas to help cultivate and engage their learning such as: Practical Life, Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Cultural/Geography, Botany and Art.  In Language Arts, for example, the child receives individual or small group lessons based on phonetics using our phonetic materials. They are taught through a process using objects or pictures pertaining to each unique sound. We observe the children and take note of their progress. The lessons and materials will be introduced according to their development beginning with phonetics and progressing into reading, writing and basic sentence structure. If a child is intrigued with a specific topic, we will take that topic in to account and relate it to their lessons in Language Arts, applying it to the phonetic curriculum that we’re working on at the time. This same philosophy applies to all learning areas.

We expose our students to a variety of diverse cultures, influential people, animals, and famous landmarks from around the world. Through planned and spontaneous discussions, we share photos, materials, and artifacts to help our students understand the differences from our place of living to others from around the world.

Beyond Montessori lessons there are many events both planned and spontaneous throughout the school year where we welcome and implement the child’s world outside the classroom.

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