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Kindergarten program DETAILS

In our Montessori Program your child has been treated with a deep respect as a unique individual and because we promote each child’s individuality. We recognize that all students learn at different paces and in different ways.  Our Montessori teacher guides understand that your child will not meet specific education milestones at the same time or rate as their peers, we focus on the fact that your child will gain knowledge at his/her own pace, and we will help challenge that pace to set up individual milestones based on the individual learner.

Our students at Sky’s the Limit Montessori School have a very low teacher guide to student ratio of 1-8 compared to most public schools’ ratios being 1-20.  This low teacher guide to student ratio enables our teacher guides to give your child the individual attention and personal one-on-one lesson’s that are needed to ensure they clearly understand the lesson at hand. This also ensures that your child benefits as much as possible from the opportunities available within our classrooms and that most lessons be based on the interests shown by the individual child.

All our activities and lessons are based on the Montessori theory that children learn best through hands on learning experiences, investigating, observing, and manipulating their environment not through textbooks and workbooks. They become actively engaged in their studies and with their peers.  With Montessori schooling focusing on teaching for understanding, your child has spent the last two or more years receiving beneficial sensorial preparation for academic skills by working with concrete Montessori learning materials. This concrete sensorial experience gradually allows your child to form a mental picture and really understand concepts such as: how big is a thousand, how many hundreds make up a thousand and what is really going on when we borrow or carry numbers in mathematical operations. This can help your child become a life-long learner and a self-motivated individual. This can also help build self-reliance, independence, and a sense of pride in their self-directed accomplishments and help maintain their natural enthusiasm for learning.


As children graduate from Sky’s the Limit Montessori School’s Kindergarten Program and move on to other schools, their new teachers often comment on the high quality of the children’s preparedness for school and their noticeable enthusiasm for learning. In recent studies, children that have attended a Montessori Kindergarten Program have outscored children who have attended public school kindergarten on academic tasks, social skills and adapting to change.

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